17th Oct 2014

Skyscanner "The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition"

When Skyscanner wanted to launch in Singapore we were faced with a unique problem.

How do we get Singaporeans who only stay on the beaten track to bring spontaneity and discovery back into their travel?

Skyscanner "The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition"

The idea was simple. We made everywhere a destination.

All people had to do was tell us in 15 seconds why they deserved to go.

The best entry was selected, and the winner actually did go everywhere the app told him.

During the trip, Singaporeans could track all his photos, videos, and personal journal entries on the microsite.

To keep people literally in the picture "The Put Yourself In The Selfie Contest" gave Singaporeans a chance to win a trip for two.

As our winner discovered new locations, goeverywhere.sg tied every element of the campaign together. And eventually, piecing together the whole epic journey as a film.

In just four weeks, Skyscanner had gone where no travel site had gone before:

  • 1.6 million visits to Skyscanner.com.sg
  • A 600% increase in Facebook Fans
  • 250,000 app downloads
  • 30% increase in sales

Overnight people started searching "Everywhere" with Skyscanner before they went anywhere.