14th Jun 2013

IKEA – 25 Hour Cook-Off

IKEA put relationships through the pressure cooker.

SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA – Over the years, people have grown to love IKEA’s clever little kitchen solutions. However, there was a misconception about the durability of the kitchens themselves.

IKEA – 25 Hour Cook-Off


We needed to convince people that IKEA kitchens are built to last, and to spread the word about their 25-year guarantee.


Leo Burnett decided to test IKEA kitchens against the one thing that people believe should really last in their lives – their relationships. Since the kitchen is where tempers often rise and relationships are tested, we challenged people to test theirs in an IKEA kitchen, at the IKEA 25-hour Cook-off: a 25-hour marathon of grueling kitchen challenges, designed to push the strongest relationships, and our kitchens to the limit. The prize: a dream IKEA kitchen.

To participate in their respective countries, Singaporeans and Malaysians submitted online videos of their kitchen relationships and explained why they deserved an IKEA kitchen, for themselves or for someone else. To help encourage and stir creativity of their video entries, an influential group on YouTube was engaged to create and upload a video of their own that provoked helpful ideas. The responses came pouring in from couples, parents, children and best friends. The best stories were selected to battle it out at the stores, which for the first time ever, remained opened for 25 straight hours.

More than just a test of culinary prowess, the series of challenges were designed to test key relationship attributes of the 36 finalist pairs, such as teamwork, communication, patience and trust. Teams cooked up favourite recipes, made mash potato look like art and sorted through beans in the wee hours of the night, all whilst making the IKEA kitchens work just as hard.

After 25 hours of punishing kitchen tasks and impressing our panel of celebrity judges, the last couples standing got to take home their prize – proving that their relationship, and IKEA kitchens, could survive the ultimate kitchen stress test.


Besides being the longest an IKEA store has ever stayed open, the campaign dished up some tasty results. IKEA registered a YTD sales increase of 47% in Singapore and 28% in Malaysia, and drove in 64% more store visitors in Singapore and 39% more in Malaysia.

The online buzz for IKEA in both countries over the 3 month period was the highest ever, with a 10% increase in Facebook fans to 480,000, and 180,000 new stories generated. The contest microsite saw a surge of over 150,000 visitors and 450,000 page views. Online searches for Ikea kitchens increased by 12% as compared to the previous year’s campaign.

The YouTube video went viral with over 210,000 full views, delivering a 1:2 ROI in equivalent media value. In total, PR garnered an ROI of 1:3.

The campaign clearly established IKEA as an enduring partner for a long-term kitchen relationship.