Skyscanner "The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition" Close

Oct 2014

Skyscanner "The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition"

When Skyscanner wanted to launch in Singapore we were faced with a unique problem.

How do we get Singaporeans who only stay on the beaten track to bring spontaneity and discovery back into their travel?

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25 Hour Cook-Off Close

Jun 2014

25 Hour Cook-Off

To convince people that IKEA kitchens are built to last, Leo Burnett decided to test IKEA kitchens against one thing that people believe should really last in their lives – their relationships via a 25-hour Cook-off.

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There’s no excuse not to screen Close

Oct 2013

There’s no excuse not to screen

When it comes to going for mammograms, women come up with all sorts of excuses not to for the checks. Hence, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013, Leo Burnett created a campaign that encourages women to get rid of their excuses in an affirmative and cathartic manner, transforming a simple message to an act of empowerment.

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Earth Hour Singapore: Sleep Naked

Feb 2013

Earth Hour Singapore: Sleep Naked

Sleep Naked. A campaign that encourages Singaporeans to dress with less (or take it all off) when they go to bed. The less they go to sleep in, the less they’d need cooling, and so would be able to turn their air conditioners up by 1 degree.

We leveraged the strength of Earth Hour’s I Will If You Will campaign to drive home this message of Sleeping Naked through two of our Earth Hour ambassadors. On YouTube, we challenged everyday Singaporeans, government departments, and NGOs to do their part to save the planet.