31st May 2021

Sharim Gubbels

Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Singapore

Born in Holland, Sharim spent his childhood and teenage years drawing and getting furiously angry at himself when the work was just not quite right. That dislike of flaws ended up in a 20-year journey from his home, to the UK and Singapore, moving from videogame development, to illustration, to advertising.

Sharim Gubbels

These days he is always on the lookout for new ways to best deliver on campaign objectives - whether through traditional, digital, or social means.

He has had the privilege to work on global, regional, and local brands such as McDonald’s, Disney, Samsung, Audi, Google, Singapore Airlines, Visa, Corona, Standard Chartered Bank, Ben & Jerry's, Lenovo, Intel, and 20th Century Fox. His work has been recognized by Cannes, Spikes, New York Festival, CCA and Effies.

In his spare time, if he can find any, he folds paper into sculptures for any exhibition that will take him.