Endless Wonder

Christmas Light-Up 2017

Endless Wonder

Staying true to the festive spirit, 2017’s theme was an invitation for people to take a break from their daily lives and let their fantasies take flight.

An exhilarating walk transporting you to a dreamlike place, illuminated with mesmerising lights and curated with spellbinding experiences. Where every step stirs the imagination, and every turn welcomes you with unexpected surprises.

As Fast Close

Sony Singapore

As Fast

The Sony ‘As Fast’ campaign aimed to raise awareness on the range of Sony Autofocus cameras with its top-of-class autofocus speed and most number of Phase Detection Points in the market today. With graceful dance moves and awe-inspiring parkour stunts, we portrayed what it is like to capture picture perfection using Sony cameras.

Here when you need us most Close

MSIG Thailand

Here when you need us most

Insurance claims are largely full of paperwork and waiting around, made even more frustrating after an accident on the road. With the launch of the upgraded motor claims app, SpeeDi, which promises hassle-free claims with its instant locator function and the 30-minute surveyor arrival promise, we launched a campaign to reinforce MSIG’s brand image in Thailand as the insurer who is “here when you need us the most”.

Spread the Joy Close

Christmas Light Up 2016

Spread the Joy

The magic of Christmas illuminates the paths of Orchard Road this festive season. And Leo Burnett is proud to partner Orchard Road Business Association, together with Kingsmen Exhibits, be part of the much awaited street celebration this year. To break out of the clutter of Christmas street decorations in both Singapore and the world, we turned the Christmas lights on Orchard Road into a participatory act that allowed people to create and share joy. The result was a combination of vibrant overhead lightings and interactive street displays, beckoning pedestrians into a world of joy and wonder.

Facial Treatment Essence Close

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II’s signature product remains essentially unchanged for more than 35 years. The proof of its efficacy is in the skin of its users. Leo Burnett Singapore in collaboration with Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo, and Leo Burnett Hong Kong created testimonial films with SK-II ambassadors Tang Wei & Haruka Ayase.

We’re here to talk Close


We’re here to talk

Unlike other local and big banks in Singapore, trust was not a winning proposition for Maybank.

Our aim was to change consumers’ perceptions about Maybank and we did that by changing the conversation from “trust”, to a proposition that is their biggest strength - building human relationships.

SK-IInterventions Close

SK-II SK-IInterventions


SK-II wanted to reach out to women in a relevant & engaging manner regarding skin care solutions. What better way than when they're actively searching for it?

Leo Burnett Singapore created 34 unique videos as part of ‘SK-IInterventions’, a targeted search-based pre-roll campaign, featuring popular local beauty vloggers. The videos act as fun interventions with helpful skin care tips related to the original search."

MSIG Insurance Close


MSIG Insurance

Here when you need us most For over 100 years, MSIG has been going above and beyond for customers in their times of need.

In their latest campaign, we reinforced their service commitment to customers by highlighting their easy motor claims touchpoints that minimise the uncertainty and frustrations of the claims process.

Stop Clicking Around Close


Stop Clicking Around

Facing an increasingly competitive hospitality landscape due to the popularity of online travel agents, Hilton engaged Leo Burnett to extend their “Stop Clicking Around” campaign into the Asia-Pacific region.

Through an integrated approach, the hard-working regional campaign encouraged travelers to book their stay at any Hilton property directly at Hilton.com, where travelers would receive the lowest guaranteed rate available and the benefits that come with a Hilton HHonors membership.

Kid Counselors Close

SK-II Kid Counselors

Kid Counselors

"According to the Global Dreams Index Survey conducted by SK-II, half the world’s women have given up on their dreams. Who better to help them rediscover their childhood dreams than a child?

Leo Burnett Singapore and Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo rolled out a social experiment film featuring children who secretly give advice to adult women who’ve lost their spark. The film is a continuation of SK-II’s #changedestiny campaign that challenges the belief that destiny is set at birth and encourages women to pursue their dreams and create their own destiny.

The concept was executed in China & Korea as well in collaboration with Leo Burnett Hong Kong & Leo Burnett Korea."

Safety in every moment Close


Safety in every moment

To differentiate Bridgestone from its competitors and to drive brand awareness in Malaysia, Leo Burnett developed an integrated campaign that strategically moved away from talking about the well-trodden out benefits of performance and technology, rather shifting focus to safety.

In a positive campaign that captured the peace of mind and feeling of protection Bridgestone drivers have when driving their loved ones, we celebrated great driving experiences and portrayed safety as not something Malaysian drivers need to think about only in extreme situations, but in every moment.

#changedestiny Manifesto Close

SK-II #changedestiny

#changedestiny Manifesto

"About 80% of women believe their lives are destined by what they're born with. SK-II has made it its mission to change this belief.

Leo Burnett Singapore crafted a manifesto film in collaboration with established actress and long-time SK-II endorser Tang Wei, to inspire millions of women around the world with the declaration that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice."

The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition Close


The Anywhere & Everywhere Competition

When Skyscanner wanted to launch in Singapore we were faced with a unique problem.

How do we get Singaporeans who only stay on the beaten track to bring spontaneity and discovery back into their travel?

The idea was simple. We made everywhere a destination.

Go Everywhere

There’s no excuse not to screen Close

Singapore Cancer Society

There’s no excuse not to screen

When it comes to going for mammograms, women come up with all sorts of excuses not to for the checks. Hence, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013, Leo Burnett created a campaign that encourages women to get rid of their excuses in an affirmative and cathartic manner, transforming a simple message to an act of empowerment.

Sleep Naked

Earth Hour Singapore

Sleep Naked

Sleep Naked. A campaign that encourages Singaporeans to dress with less (or take it all off) when they go to bed. The less they go to sleep in, the less they’d need cooling, and so would be able to turn their air conditioners up by 1 degree.

We leveraged the strength of Earth Hour’s I Will If You Will campaign to drive home this message of Sleeping Naked through two of our Earth Hour ambassadors. On YouTube, we challenged everyday Singaporeans, government departments, and NGOs to do their part to save the planet.

Little Red Riding Hood & Emperor's New Clothes

National Library Board

Little Red Riding Hood & Emperor's New Clothes

With the number of visitors decreasing drastically, the National Library Board wanted to encourage Singaporeans to read more by visiting its public libraries.

To do that, we decided to remind people about the simple romance of reading, which lets our minds create a world based entirely on our own imagination (something only books can do).

We invoked a sense of nostalgia by using the classics we all know and love. For many, these are the first books they read and through this campaign, we’ll make sure it won’t be the last.

Cake-Mouflage Close

The Patissier


The Patissier, a popular home-grown patisserie in Singapore, wanted to reward their customers by making their celebrations a whole lot sweeter.

But the problem with regular cake boxes is that they're recognisable from a mile away. So, how do you hide a surprise when everyone know what it looks like?

Apex Somebody RC60s Close

Apex Clubs of Singapore

Apex Somebody RC60s

Today, one in 12 Singaporeans are 65 or older; by 2030, this will become one in five. This age group has more than a higher rate of homeless and poor, the depressed, and the desperately sick. Some of them are abandoned by their families. And this is why Apex calls for volunteers and assistance to support the elderly in the different communities within Singapore.

Being a charity organisation, Apex Clubs of Singapore relies on goodwill for a lot of its activities. So we approached radio stations in university campuses to air the radio ad, and in so doing, we were able to communicate directly to the students who are our target audience.

Jack, Queen & King

Christian Care Services

Jack, Queen & King

Ray of Hope wanted to encourage people to call their helpline by letting them know that problem gambling is just like any other psychological disorder, and can be treated with proper counselling.

Traditional posters that feature gamblers losing everything (family, career, etc.) did not work as it was too expected and failed to relate to Singaporeans. So instead, we decided to connect with our culture, which is steeped in superstition, by portraying the demon in the cards.

Lady's Card Close

United Overseas Bank

Lady's Card

This TVC celebrates the fact that women have all the tools they need to get what they want, when they want it – but none of which are as powerful as the UOB Lady’s Card.

We see our two heroines getting things done their way – apparently using their womanly charms. But a second look reveals that it’s the UOB Lady’s Card that puts them always a step ahead of the men.